Scented Candle № 19


Includes 20% MwSt.

cinnamon | orange | ginger | 180g

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  • Organic soy wax
  • 165g
  • Burn time: 30h+

A spicy fragrance with citrus notes of orange and tangerine leading to spicy nuances of cinnamon, ginger and clove with hints of creamy vanilla

Burning instructions:

  • If the flame is too big, then trim the wick. Don’t trim it too short, otherwise you won‘t be able to lit it up
  • Give your candle enough burning time to develop a melted wax pool that goes all the way to the edge of the container on the first
  • For optimal burn, keep your wood wick trimmed to about 0,5cm, and clean off any burnt wood from previous use
  • Just make sure to let your candle cool before trimming, as you don’t want any bits of ash or wick material left in the wax when you’re done. It’s much easier to clean this up when the wax is hard and cool


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